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Why are GPS Trackers Important?

by Bob Davila

GPS technology has been in existence for many years and has become part of our modern life. GPS tracking involves the Global Positioning System that shows the location of objects or people with great precision. The trackers come in different forms depending on your needs. Some are large; others are small; some are plastic, while others are magnetic.

Some can even be hidden to avoid attracting people or notifying them of any tracking going on. Several companies manufacture GPS trackers to monitor their valuable assets. An example is SonalTrack which produces the best hidden GPS tracker for car location tracking and safety maintenance. In this write-up, we dive into the uses of GPS tracking.

What are the Uses of GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is essential in various applications for different reasons. It has some common uses that you probably know, but we discuss a few less common uses below.

1. Search and Rescue Use

GPS tracking is vital for companies or organizations providing search and rescue missions. The GPS trackers come in handy to help them know the areas they’ve already covered and those they should search next.

It prevents searching an area twice and leaving out others, and maybe that’s where the person or the car thet are pursuing is located. During major disasters like earthquakes or losing a hiker in the woods, the rescue team can pull data directly from the person’s GPS device to help trace him.

Unlike the past years, where rescue operations were done with pen and paper, the current use of GPS trackers is fast and accurate, making it easier for the search and rescue personnel.

2. Vehicle Tracking

Individual car owners can place a GPS tracker in their car; however, they are mainly used for tracking commercial fleets by companies. The companies gain visibility in terms of efficiency of the fleet, the driver’s location, their behavior on the road, fuel consumption, and providing immediate help in case something goes wrong on the road. Keeping tabs on the fleet’s whereabouts has led to the growth of the brand name and reputation due to the promotion of safer roads for all users.

3. Use in the Military

GPS tracking plays a significant role in the military. The use of GPS technology in the military started many years ago and continues to be used to track different troops, aircraft, and other equipment. The technological advancement of GPS technology has allowed military personnel to operate in several places especially danger zones, without being present physically. Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones, they use GPS to send them to their preferred location for surveillance purposes.

4. Recreational Use

This is common among outdoor fanatics who rely on GPS to find their location and stay on course. Hikers, bikers, and long-distance runners track their exact position in the woods or mountains, their speed, and the distance covered or yet to be covered. People getting lost has reduced in recent years, and more people are attracted to outdoor activities due to GPS trackers.


GPS tracking is now available everywhere and can be accessed easily by anyone. Its applications are vast and have proven to be beneficial in all ways, hence increasing its growth. Don’t be limited to the typical GPS tracking uses but instead explore more uses like those listed above.

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