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Whatsapp Message Transfer from Android to iPhone

by Bob Davila

Switching from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to android could be something of a chore. This is because you’ll need to back up as much data from the device you are planning to change. Fortunately, technology and significant advancement in science had made the use of cloud services relatively commonplace. At least if you are planning to switch between android devices or between iPhones using their respective cloud services get the job done in just about no time. But from iOS to Android or vice versa is not tangible for a number of reasons. This is the point where Backuptrans android to iPhone Whatsapp transfer comes in.

For the sake of this article, the reason we will be focusing on involves the transfer of messages and chat data. Backuptrans has made it possible to be able to securely move your chats and messages from your android device to your iPhone. This is done without even having to stress yourself. A lot of other forms of information could be moved, such as videos if need be.

The Challenge of Whatsapp Message Backup

The difficult part of this entire Whatsapp message backup fiasco is that you cannot backup messages or chats to iCloud and download them to an android device. The same problem is noticed when using the android cloud service, Google Drive. So most times, people just forgo most of their messages and chats. They tend to be satisfied with whatever they get while somewhat sacrificing the vast majority of their messages.

This has been a major trend for many years now. Even those who are aware that there might be a solution are not excited with the possibility that they could be stressed because of messages and chat data. But that is far from the truth. The process does not get any more stress-free than it currently is.

The Solution- Whatsapp Message Transfer

This backup system allows you to backup your chats and messages to a computer and retrieves them whenever you are ready. At the time you are retrieving the messages and chats, you could then decide to make use of either android or iPhones. It’s as simple as that.

What if the transfer is not done properly? If this is one of the considerations holding one back, there is no need to overthink it. The Whatsapp message backup is a smooth sailing process that systematically transfers your messages. This means that after the transfer, your messages will still be extremely organized.

Thankfully his program can be used by a wide range of iPhone models. From to iPhone 8 all through to the current iPhone 12 Pro Max, Backuptrans has your back. As a matter of fact, backuptrans is currently the only Whatsapp chats migrating program that possesses such unique transfer qualities.


So do not sweat the issue of losing vital information that you might not even be aware that you are losing at the time due to a change in operating systems. From android to iOS or from iOS to android Backuptrans Whatsapp Message Transfer is a platform you could always count upon.

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