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The Two Popular Watches of Honor

by Bob Davila

One of the best watches in the market today is designed and manufactured by Honor. The company is related to Huawei, so you are assured that you will get smartwatches with premium quality.

The company introduced its products during the IFA 2020. Some items they launched are laptops, smartwatches, and two tablets.

Honor Watch GS Pro and Watch ES are the two latest smart timepieces with all the advanced features an advanced smartwatch can have. The GS Pro is the casual counterpart of the Magic Watch 2 with extra features as well as protected design. On the other hand, the Watch ES is referred to as a fitness intelligent watch that is somewhat similar to Huawei Watch Fit. This is not surprising since Honor is under the management Huawei.

Below are some facts about the two watches and how they differ from each other:

Honor Watch GS Pro

As mentioned earlier, the GS Pro is the rugged model of the Magic Watch 2. The most striking features include the thick bezels that divers love. The structure is made of stainless steel, which makes it one of the durable watches in town. As compared to other brands, the manufacturer uses flat buttons rather than crowns. You will not have any difficulty reading the display as the screen measures 1.39 inches (3.53 centimeters).

Its built-in GPS and barometer are also quite impressive. When it comes to tracking your health and fitness, GS Pro is a good companion. It has 100 fitness modes that include the usual workout you will find on most smartwatches. GS is boasting its Route Back mode feature. Enable this feature if you will have a long run or walk. The gadget will help you back from where you started with the use of GPS.

They refer to Route Back as one of their lifesaving features. Sleep monitoring, step counter, and stress level tracker are some health modes that are integrated into these watches.

Honor GS Pro Watch when fully charged, can last up to 25 days, an impressive feat that others cannot surpass. However, if you activate the outdoor workout mode, the battery may only last for 100 hours, and if one activates the GPS, it can last only for 48 hours.

Honor Watch ES

In contrast with the GS Pro feature, the Honor Watch ES has a sleek design and is referred to as a fitness fashion watch. With its long, slim 1.64-inch AMOLED screen, you might think that its an Apple Watch.

The gadget has stored 95 workout modes in it, somewhat similar to GS Pro except for some extreme sports exclusive only for the said timepiece. The unique features of Watch ES are the 44 animated exercise moves and the 12 animated workout courses. These workouts will help you carry out the exercises correctly, demonstrated by the cute digital character on your watch.

The digital person will serve as your trainer or guide to help you do the yoga or stretching correctly. You can also find several health options, such as steps, sleep, stress, and Spo2 monitoring. For women, you can activate the menstrual cycle tracker. However, this feature is only available for Watch ES.

As compared to GS Pro the battery watch of Watch ES can last only for 10 days. This may be quite short as compared to GS Pro but quite longer than most smartwatches.

To know more about these two models, you can check out https://www.hihonor.com/france/product/honor-watch-gs-pro.

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