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The HMS core kits to the Huawei’s rescue

by Bob Davila

If you know Huawei will take a seat back after their recent troubles, then you probably should think again. Huawei has simply kept on thriving no matter the situation they find themselves in. one of their secrets will be their invaluable kits.

The site kit, account kit, and many more make up the HMS core. By creating them, Huawei finally has their answer to Google’s dominance. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of them and what they have to offer.

HMS core kits at their best

The Site Kit

The site kit is all about providing the right location. It helps the app developers to locate their users in order to provide the right services to them. It can also help the user understand where they are and the available services closer to them.

With the site kit, the world of geocoding just became clearer. The site kit is a bit similar to the location kit.

The Awareness Kit

The awareness is more focused on the user. It notes the context they live in and their choice. By doing so, the app is able to give them a much better performance than when set to default mode.

The possibility of a user enjoying your app will definitely skyrocket.

The Wallet kit

Now, the wallet kit is nothing short of brilliant. With the wallet kit, you get a chance to store your money in digital form. This allows you to get what you saved easily when the time arrives. That’s not all. The wallet kit will also allow users to store other cards, gifts, and discounts.

The wallet kit aims to ensure safety and also keep your users at peace when making a purchase. Talking about purchases

The In-app purchase kit

Now, what an app for if you cannot sell anything to your users. This is where the in-app purchase kit comes into play. This allows you to sell to your users regardless of where they are around the world. That’s simply sublime! This means you get your cash through a much more secure place.

Account kit

There’s also the account kit. This is responsible for ensuring that there is always a secure login ID. It accomplishes this through various ways. This includes facial recognition and your password.

The account kit also allows its users to log in from two different phones. This allows you to access your account at a go without having to always verify the phone that you are using.

It comes with other kits also. There is a kit for everything that an app developer will ever need. All you have to do is to find the right kit for your app. with that, you are definitely good to go!

Final Thoughts

The HMS core is here to stay. That much is clear. However, what you choose to do with the HMS core is totally up to you.

So make sure that you take this opportunity count. I can promise you that it will definitely be worth your while.

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