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Huawei IAP’s Required Set-up For Users

by Bob Davila

Smartphone users have recently been considering a switch from their old smartphone provider to using Huawei. It’s no surprise how Huawei incurred optimum growth from the past years introducing top-notch smartphones and exclusive deals for their apps that even others don’t have.

The company collaborated with one of the best teams of developers around the world to come up with the best experience and satisfaction for their users. They opened a platform where up and coming developers can showcase their talent and creativity by developing awesome apps for users to enjoy.

These apps have their own platform in every Huawei device called Huawei AppGallery. You can access a variety of common and unique apps that also includes in-app purchases or IAP. But before you can have a go on downloading all the apps and taking advantage with all the in-app purchases, you need to consider some factors first.

Make sure you have the right hardware requirements

Huawei requires every user specific requirements to fulfill the main purpose of their apps. It’s a given that one has to be a member with a valid Huawei ID to access these apps. Other than that, the user also needs to possess the following hardware to run their apps.

  • A well-functioning computer. This can be in a desktop or laptop form, whichever you may have. A lot of Huawei apps can be enjoyed on the computer for better experience and larger screen interaction.
  • A Huawei device that is used for running apps with Huawei IAP integrated. When purchasing your smartphone at any Huawei store nearby, you can have a staff to set this up for you or just follow the instruction guide from their official website.
  • A data cable used to connect Huawei smartphones to the computer. This cable will come in handy whenever you need to access some apps from your smartphone to your computer.

Verify if your software is currently updated

Every now and then our devices go through regular updating and even reminds us whenever it’s ready for a new update. Smartphones differ in scheduling depending on how often the developer releases a new update. One good tip is to always manage and monitor available software updates to get the best features for your smartphone.

  • The device must have an Android Studio 3.0 or a later version. Check in your settings if you have recently updated to a new one. If you still have the android studio 3.0, it will still work and you don’t need to even update your software. But it won’t hurt as well if you get the recent update to get better features.
  • Java SDK 1.7 or a later version. Upon purchasing your device, you can check these from the specifications listed on the user’s manual. Verify if it’s compatible or not.
  • HMS Core (APK) or a later version. Can be also checked through the user’s manual listed on the smartphone’s specs.
  • HMS Core SDK or a later version. You can see this from the settings and check whether or not it’s compatible.

As soon as you have all these requirements checked from your device, you’re good to go. You can now experience the benefits of setting-up your IAP.

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