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How to Tell If Someone Is Buying Twitter Likes

by Bob Davila

Kylie Jenner has about 80 million followers on Instagram and attracts up to 1 million likes per post. Ever come across a business page and wondered how they got 500,000 followers? Like with many things in your life, if it seems fishy, there is a likelihood. With the rise in fake trends in social media, it is not surprising that many people and brands have settled on buying Twitter likes. Like many of them have- take a quick look at the visit Famous Follower site. 

1.Alarming rises in the number of followers

You can determine if a Twitter user is buying their followers by tracking how the account’s following increases with time. If the account shows a sharp increase in followers by a drop-in figure, they will likely purchase their followers. Even so, some accounts will experience increased likes coupled with followers if they are featured on Twitter’s main page.

2.The low rate of engagement

Twitter account holders who have purchased likes will have a low engagement rate: the number of comments compared to followers. Usually, the engagement rates sit between 3-2 percent. This depends on the number of followers. If the account has less than a 2 percent engagement rate, without likes, of course, this could suggest that they are purchasing followers.

3.Compare followers to likes

There is no science to this- you can often spot fraud by keenly looking at the follower account against the number of likes they have on the photos and tweets. When a person buys a huge following, they will receive several accounts with nothing ongoing.

These Twitter accounts will not be interactive with their posts. Meaning, they are dead. For every 500 followers, you should see the account owner getting 20 likes for a photo. If someone has 9,000 followers but is receiving less than you can count, they are faking.

4.Please take a look at the accounts following them

Go into the followers of these accounts and screen the people if they are legit. Recognizing a fake account is pretty easy. They will have a generic photo lifted from Google and placed as the Twitter and Instagram placeholder before adding a profile picture.

At the same time, they can be private or have little on their profiles. An additional red flag is a fact that they also follow many accounts but have a small number of followers.

5.No BIO

As you glare through your suspect’s list of followers, check out for a huge block of various accounts without BIO. Some users do not enter bios. But, a long block of different users without BIOS indicates someone’s purchasing habits of likes. People selling mechanical and artificial followers must create several accounts. Therefore, it is not practical for them to spend time creating BIO texts.

Final Thoughts

People who purchase Twitter followers are mostly just kidding themselves in the real sense. The issue is, some may use their superiority to belittle others and bully them. But, buying these likes could also be a great thing for those wanting to grow their brands online.

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