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How to Master Huawei Quick Apps?

by Bob Davila

Currently, quick apps are becoming essential parts of computer screens and other forms of digital gadgets and accessories. Huawei has made the creation of these quick apps even easier than before. The Huawei developer platform has made it possible for app developers to maximize the use of quick apps in every possible way. The wide range of Huawei gadgets is all compatible with quick apps made available from the Huawei store.

All the stages of development of Huawei’s quick apps have been made available via the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). Both the wallet SDK feature and the quick app development feature are trending components of the HMS. While the topic of quick apps might be tough to broach, we will narrow down our focus. We will consider what exactly quick apps are. Then we will see what the Huawei Developer platform has in store for quick apps developers.

What do you Know About Quick Apps?

Quick apps are simply unique forms of installation-free digital apps. There is a common misconception that quick apps are not as effective as regular apps. But that notion is not in any way true. Both forms of application have individually unique properties that make them stand out.

As for the unique features of the quick apps, they would be discussed later on in the article. Ready for a pretty fun fact? The Huawei quick apps have been tried and tested and subsequently discovered to neatly carry out many of the essential functions that exist in regular android apps.

Huawei’s quick apps are currently in use in various parts of the world and can be said to have achieved worldwide distribution.

Features of the Quick Apps

The features of the quick apps are similar to every other app. However, there is one point that makes quick apps stand out. This unique feature is that they do not need to be installed to be used. Hence the name quick apps.

Advantages of the Huawei Quick Apps

  1. New Age UI: quick apps provide wonderful user experience to those who make use of them. As mentioned earlier, they are capable of operating on levels similar to your regular android apps.
  2. HTML5 Compatible:quick apps can perform on and support the auto-refreshing of HTML5 web pages.
  3. Low Memory Demand: The ability of quick apps to auto-refresh HTML5 pages does not require massive memory specs.
  4. Ease of Access: with quick apps, all other Huawei services are just a click away. From the Quick App Center to the Deep links, to Huawei Assistant, to AppGallery and many more.
  5. Compatibility:The compatibility level between quick apps and other android and smart devices is high.
  6. Low Cost:Quick apps are easy to develop. It is possible to convert regular apps to quick apps with the assistance of the Huawei Quick App kit. The creation and conversion of quick apps have low costs.
  7. High User Retention:Users can add quick apps to their screens to use them at any time. Quick apps have a higher rate of retention than regular apps.


Quick apps are every developer’s best assets. With their low creation cost, one can never go wrong with a good quick app. In fact, with proper planning and HMS assistance, quick apps could be more income friendly than regular apps.

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