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Honor special offer is here to stay on HIHonor

by Bob Davila

Are you crazy for gadgets to kill your time and want to be up-to-date with ever-growing technology? Electronic gadgets are nothing but just electronic devices typically used to connect with other networks or similar devices through wireless technology. They interact with each other in different ways so that they can work at their best. The latest devices come with various unique and new specifications, that’s why they are mostly quite expensive. That’s where honor special offer comes into play. This special offer is not like any other ordinary gadget offer that you usually see by different brands. Let us hop into the offer and see what it is about.

Honor special offer

If you are bored with using your laptop and looking to replace it with a new one, then the offer is ideal for you. The request has a 50€ discount on Honor Magicbook14 and Magicbook15 laptop plus free two additional options. The first option is a pair of Bluetooth headphones and a backpack. The second option is an honor router and a couple of Bluetooth headphones. You can have any one of the possibilities of your choice and avail this offer for 529.90 €. The offer is valid from 17 August to 30 September. The offer is very reasonable as in this way you won’t only replace your old laptop, but also you can throw the old router and place a new router in your house. Of course, backpack and headphones will also be beneficial for keeping the Magicbook in it or listening to Justin Bieber songs through your new headphones.

Why should you avail this offer?

Why wouldn’t you avail this offer? It has everything which someone would look for in a reasonable and useful gadget offer. Typically, in a bid, you would get a simple discount on the products. But this offer is offering you free accessories for the laptop as well which you won’t found in any other offer. The Bluetooth headphones are worth 69.90 €, the router is worth 79.90 €, and the backpack has a price tag of 39.90 €.

So, you are getting a total of either 169.8 € or 199.8 € discounts on the laptop overall. If you still think the offer isn’t a good one, you haven’t checked the laptop’s specs. Let us go through some of its impressive specifications and see how you change your mind regarding the offer.

Magicbook Specifications

Magicbook Laptop is of the latest version. It has various specifications which will make you get it. The computer is relatively thin, slim, and is very lightweight. It is available in silver color that matches perfectly with your iPhone.

  • The laptop has an AMD Ryzen™ five 3500U processor, which is great for office work and home duties.
  • You won’t face any lagging or stuck problem or screen freezing issue while playing computer games as its AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 GPU is a powerful GPU.
  • Its 8 GB RAM will make sure you can efficiently multitask with ease.
  • Store all of your most liked TV seasons, movies, personal data, and work files in its 256 GB hard disk.
  • The laptop can be flipped up to 180 degrees so you can work on it while lying on the bed.

So, don’t waste any time thinking about it and get the offer now before the deadline approaches. You would not want to miss it as you might not found any other offer like this one.

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