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How to Build Your Online Presence as a New User on Twitter?

by Bob Davila

If you have just opened a new Twitter account, you may wonder what must be done for you to get your first 1,000 followers. The good news is that you don’t need to be a celebrity to reach your first 1,000 followers. Many people who are not celebrities have a million followers and more. We look at some practical ways of building your online presence shortly.

· Complete your profile

The minimum requirement for building your online presence on Twitter is to have your profile completely set up. Fill your bio accurately; use a clear and bold profile picture. Make your profile more informative, so other users will easily take your profile as a real Twitter account and not a fake account.

· Connect with your friends

Once you have completed your profile, you should start socializing immediately. Frequently, it is straightforward to connect with your family and friends on Twitter than with new people. Get the Twitter handles of some of your friends and family members. You can also send private messages to introduce yourself to other Twitter users, requesting they follow your Twitter account just as you follow theirs.

· Follow the right people

If your Twitter account is mainly for business, the last people you want to attract is the wrong audience. To avoid this, follow people who are interested in your niche. For example, if you are into fashion, it is better to follow fashion models, fashion bloggers, and personalities affiliated with the industry. When you follow those who matter to your business, their followers will be able to see your tweets and follow you too. Soon, you begin to build a unique audience for your brand

· Add your Twitter handle to your blogs and website

If you already run a blog or a website, use widgets or HTML that links visitors to your Twitter handle. It is easier for people who have engaged in your blog posts to follow you on Twitter since they already perceive what you stand for. Also, add your Twitter handle to newsletters and marketing emails.

· Keep your profile active

Growing your Twitter audience is not a one-time event. You need to stay active on the Twitter platform by frequently engaging your audience. If you can post high-quality content every day, you are more likely to keep attracting new followers. Remember, those old followers can also unfollow your Twitter account if they feel you have nothing to offer them. The main point here is to provide value for every tweet you post. It would be best if you also tried posting pictures and videos. Post varying but relatable content to attract your targeted audience to follow your Twitter account. Respond when other people tweet at you and engage other users’ content.

· Track your engagements

Getting feedback on what is happening on your Twitter account can help you understand how best to get more followers on your Twitter handle. Use Twitter Analytics on the drop-down menu or use Google Analytics to find out patterns on your Twitter account that can be explored.

· Invest in your brand

As a new user, you can quickly hit your first 1,000 followers if you invest in your Twitter account. One way to achieve this is to get lots of likes. To get more likes on your tweets, buy now from trusted engagement platforms such as FamousFollower.


Keep your Twitter account active. Try to post at least once daily. Retweet relevant posts and connect more with your audience. Click buy now to get more likes for your tweets.

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