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An Ideal Guide To Purchasing A Server Rack

by Bob Davila

A server rack is also known as an equipment rack or a server cabinet; its primary function is organizing and storing IT equipment. It helps protect all data sources in a secured area. A server rack is an essential item to own for those in the network and data fields. While trying to purchase a server rack in the market, the best thing to do is to buy the item from a suitable Server Rack Manufacturer. This post aims at informing you of the ultimate guide to purchasing a server rack.

The Ultimate Guide to purchasing a server rack

1. Types of server rack

The first thing to know while purchasing a server rack is that there are three primary types of server racks. The three different types are best used in different server conditions. They include;

  • Wall-mounted racks: The wall-mounted rack is usually small in size. The wall-mounting setting allows for saving floor space. It is best used in server rooms that need extra space for network equipment storage, such as switches and patch panels. It can also be used in small workplaces. The wall-mounted rack is very cost-effective; its primary functions are; storing network gear, communication cable, and several other types of equipment.
  • Open server racks: The open server racks consist of an open server structure. It is created in a way that makes it easy for equipment maintenance and installation. The open space makes cable management very easy. The open server rack is mainly used in server data rooms that use IT equipment that does not require physical security or airflow control. It can either be a four or a two-mounting rail.
  • Enclosure server racks: The enclosure server rack also goes by rack cabinet. It contains a front and a rear door, four mounting rails, and side panels that ensure physical security. The equipment in an enclosed rack needs a cooling system. Therefore, the enclosure rack consists of proper ventilation. The enclosure server rack is best used for hotter and heavier equipment. Also, it is proper for equipment with higher wattage. The enclosure server rack is best used for high-density server rooms.

2. Server rack material

The server racks are made of different materials, some more durable than others. The IT equipment is meant for long-term use. Therefore durable and sturdy materials will give a long period of service.

3. Maintenance of the server rack

Server Racks need constant maintenance. The constant maintenance is to ensure that your server rack gives you service for an extended period. Therefore, during purchase, make sure to enquire about the maintenance cost and time. The best server to get is one that is easy to maintain.

4. Loading capacity of the server rack

Different server racks have different loading capacities. Some can take on more weight than others. Therefore, depending on your needs and growth perspective, look for a server rack to support your equipment. Also, most manufacturers state the weight that the server rack can support. Therefore, reading the weight information will help you make a better-informed decision.


Knowing the type of server rack that will be conducive for your workplace is essential. Also, specifications like material used, loading capacity, and maintenance can help you pick the right server rack based on your need. A high-quality server rack will guarantee you high performance.

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